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Sure Grip

Sure Grip Boardwalk Wheels

Sure Grip Boardwalk Wheels

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Sure-Grip Boardwalk Wheels are excellent outdoor skate wheels for all sorts of adventures, even if you're particular playground isn't beachside. The 65mm version is on the taller end of the spectrum for outdoor wheels, which enables it to roll over debris and imperfections with greater ease and less risk of getting jammed. The smaller 57mm Boardwalk wheel carries the same qualities in a lower profile, which makes it slightly more agile and maneuverable - better for street skating and urban skating. The soft 78A tire is made from a hi-rebound quality urethane that is able to cushion the shocks and bumps that go hand-in-hand with outdoor skating but is also tough enough to last through many, many long skate sessions. Due to their tall and slim tire profile, Boardwalks make excellent wheels for fitness and trail skaters who maintain speeds for longer distances.

Set of 8 wheels

Hardness 78A

Height 57mm/65mm

Width 33mm/36mm

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