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Bont Parkstar Siren Red

Bont Parkstar Siren Red

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Bont Parkstar The Bont ParkStar Park Skates are affordable and of high quality. With an anatomical forefront shape, the stiff boots are made by hand with mostly leather and fiberglass. Using all of the best parts of Bont's innovation, these skates are made strong so you can skate with confidence. The lining is made of memory foam with ankle locking padding and in between the outer layer and lining, there is an anti-stretch material stitched to the outer layer and bonded to the lining. There is a hidden heel underneath the inserts, promoting a forward-leaning, aggressive stance. This helps with park skating so that you feel more comfortable leaning into dropping into ramps and bowls.  

Rubber protective toe caps are replaceable and help the front of your skates stay intact with wear. Bont Flow Park wheels are at a 99A hardness for great control and quick turns. With adjustable toe stops, this plate is compatible with the Discotrux and any slide block that will fit 20-degree trucks. This skate is fully loaded to offer you the best experience at the skate park or anywhere you want!

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