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Grindstone Smokeshow Wheels

Grindstone Smoke Show Wheels

Grindstone Smoke Show Wheels

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92A  hardness. 57mm height. 34mm diameter.

Sold in a PACK OF 4.

Not too hard for the streets, not to soft/sticky for parks + ramps this wheel does it all! Cowgirl tested on crunchy Texas roads, cement skateparks, paved trails, wooden ramps, ditches & dirty DIY spots made out of who knows what. SMOKESHOW wheels come in five color options: bb pink, turquoise tejas, electric lime, ash cloud & our psychedelic 4 pack. Psychedelic 4 packs contain 1 bb pink, 1 ash cloud, 1 electric lime, and 1 turquoise tejas. Now match 'em to your favorite set up & leave 'em in the dust ya freakin' smokeshow!


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